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There are only professional masseuses in our team, who know what they do and enjoy it. Professional Erotic Masseuses in your HOTEL.
Body to Body
NURU massage
Nuru massage is an extremely sensual kind of erotic massage, focused on body to body contact using special hot oil or nuru gel. Our lovely masseuse will deliver a tantalising body to body massage taking you on a journey to states of new found euphoria. Masseuse uses a minimum of her hands and maximum the body contact doing this technique. Your masseuse will expand your awareness, keeping you in the moment at all times. Her attire will delightfully engage your visual senses until your bodies make contact and her therapeutic skills deliver you into a state of euphoria.

To book your NURU massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
The true lovers of this massage called it the "Royal One"
4 hands massage
Driven by two excellent masseuse girls which perfectly synchronized with these beautiful arm movements above all of your body..
manipulations occur in the buttocks and genital area.
The touch or pressure by four hands your sensitive area overwhelms the senses and releases a flood of endorphins
simultaneously act by 4 hands on sensitive area makes Your produces that gives the feeling of freshness over all the body.
We should not forget about the erotic enjoyment experienced by the customer who ordered the orgasm allows to achieve not only physical but also emotional relaxations.
Happy end by hands

To book your 4 hands massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
Lesbian show massage
Massage performed by two professional masseuses which brings you double pleasure.
Synchronical massage by 4 hands slowly flows in visual theatre. The wonderfully seductive game between two exited girls, makes your fantasy's comes true..
Happy end by hands

To book your Lesbian show massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
Tantra massage is highly extraordinary experience
Tantra massage
The session begins from special ritual, open your senses, waking up all your body. Masseuse focused on energy and body to body contact. She cherish your body, pamper you and free your mind. After full-body massage you will be so high and relaxed.

To book your Tantra massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
This type of massage the most intriguing and exiting
"69" Massage
Masseuse provides the all sessions in seamless thong, covering intimate parts next to your face, but in the same time, makes them so desirable. During the session your both takes the position "69"
Our customers called it " The goddess massage"
Happy end by hands

To book your "69" Massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
Lingam massage
Lingam massage is going to be a new experience that u will not forget. Our professional masseuse will mainly focus on massage of intimate areas and its surroundings. She will gradually , carefully, gently and systematically stimulate your penis, escalate and prolong your arousal. Orgasms are not limited by the number, only by the length of the massage. Masseuse will lead you till the very happy end, which is very intense and utterly unforgettable!

To book your Milking massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
Erotic massage is based on classical physiotherapy massage
Erotic massage
Our masseuse will be focuses on the all your body, release of muscles, feeling of relaxation and the overall regeneration. Expect a full body contact massage throughout. A substantial part of the erotic massage is devoted to intimate massage and orgasm is therefore a common part of erotic massage. After your session you will feel totally relaxed and recharged and it is a profoundly uplifting experience.

To book your Erotic massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
Couple massage
Erotic massage for couples – it is an opportunity to learn about each other something new. The session provide by two professionals masseuse. Very often the couple, watching the actions of a professional, finding new erogenous zones, new ways to impact. Massage for couples often helps as physiological therapy. It allows you to start a sex life with a clean slate.
And yet, the desire for sex partners to visit a massage for couples – a measure of trust existing between them. After all, you have a choice stay and finished session with masseuse or stay alone with each other to continue in your own way.

To book your Couple massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
BDSM massage
Would you like to discover something new in massage? Or your already in BDSM community?
Welcome to the our interpretation of this game.
The roleplay massage can take place as the most popular "Femdom" massage, but on your request the role of the masseuse may be totally different!
All you need to do is to give away your secret passions and our masseuse will dress up and play the role you want!
Have you ever dreamed of a mistress, a teacher or a student? Let us know your wishes in private mail. And will make your fantasy in reality
How to Ofer it right?
It is essential to make an order in advance, because usually it takes some time to arrange everything according to your request.
Dont be shy and tell us all the details! Even though our possibilities are limited, we will do our best to fulfil your wishes!
Happy end by hands

To book your BDSM massage in PRAGUE please contact us: +420 774 585 865
VIP company
This type of service involved ability spend a time in a company with one of our staff. You can feel certain the girls will carry out about your time and emotional vibes.
Service not included masseuse or sexual service

To book your VIP company please contact us: +420 774 585 865
Extra service
Foot job
Foot fetish
Prostate massage
Lap Dance
Massage in high heel
To book your massage in PRAGUE please contact us:
+420 774 585 865
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Privacy policy
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